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Excellent Educational Software
Drive For Student Improvement

Keep Track Of Your Child's Progress All Through The Learning Curve.

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Enhanced learning methods
Increased Parent Engagement

Keep Parents Updated On Their Child's Performance And Behaviour Towards School Work

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Save more money
Eliminate Printing Costs

Spend Less And Save More When Providing Termly Results For Your Students & Parents

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Simplify And Automate The Task Of Managing Your School

Palgo Online School Management Software: Helps to get accurate and accessible information about your school easily and at your convenience.
It helps you automate the rigorous and time tasking processes that are required in managing your school.

Benefits Of Our Software

Drive For Student Improvement

Parents can easily keep track of their kids performance in school, at their own time and convenience.
Keeping track of their child's performance across the entire learning curve, would help to identify child's strengths and weaknesses in order to implement necessary improvement measures.

Enhanced Parent Engagement

Students improve academically when their parents become more involved in their child's education.
It helps to keep parents updated on their child's attendance, behaviour and continuous assessment.

Termly Result

With our automated processes, the need to spend huge amount of money in printing result booklet, details and scores is eliminated.
Our web software automatically creates the results in each student's profile.
Parents who haven't paid for their ward's school fees would be prevented from accessing the site till fees have been paid.

What Our Clients Say?

Ever since our school started using this school web portal, we've noticed tremendous increase in the number of parents who check their wards' results and we have gotten positive feedback from parents. We can't stop smiling.
Mr Ajiri Okinedo
At first, we thought it was going to be a waste of money however, we ate our words after using it successfully for two and a half years now. It is very affordable and certainly a great investment for your school on the long run.
Mr. Emonena Mathias

Digital Solutions
Boost your School's Success

Get started today, and gain the liberty to organized information.
That will aid better decision making, running and management of your school at your pace, ease and convenience.